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The Inspiration

New Hope is rustic town on the main road connecting pre-Civil War Philadelphia and New York City.  Situated on the banks of the Delaware River, there's always a gentle breeze that soothes you with a whisper: Everything is going to be okay.

New Hope Corporation was launched in 2017 to bring proven technology that will  improve farming by leaps and bounds.  

What We Do

New Hope Corporation is an advocate of Precision Agriculture and believes it can make a contribution to Philippine farming, enhancing yields by minimizing toxins and automating spray applications.  

We are the licensed Distributor of the DJI Agras and Dealer of the Micasense RedEdge in the Philippines--2 highly innovative and disruptive technology sets that will transform farming. 

The Product

DJI is the world's preeminent manufacturer of consumer drones.  It is widely recognized for developing intuitive flight controllers making its drones safer and easier to fly.  

The DJI Agras MG-1S is largest mass produced agricultural drone in the world, built on the amazing A3/N3 flight controller that insures precision spray despite wind and a sloshing 10 liter payload. 




Northern Luzon, October 29 to November 8

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New Hope Corporation takes security matters very seriously.  

It is our remit as Licensed Distributors to understand each our customer's business before any transaction.  To that end, we DO NOT sell  the DJI Agras on-line and would urge potential buyers to take vigilance against  those that do, particularly non-licensed Dealers. At best, parallel importation voids the Warranty.  At worst, software restrictions will disable the aircraft.  

No upcoming events.


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Schedule a Demo

Wherever you are  we will make arrangements to demonstrate the Agras MG-1S anywhere you may be.  For viewings in Luzon, we can arrange a spray demo in Los Banos.  

New Hope Corporation

Purok 39, Ma-a, Davao City, Philippines


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